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Men’s Council

Take action to end gender-based violence. Join Cornerstone’s Men’s Council.

Historically domestic and sexual violence have been viewed as “women’s issues”, in part because women are victimized at higher rates than men and it was women who pioneered grassroots efforts to mobilize support for victims. Today we know that these are issues that affect our entire community. Many men are increasingly aware of how the women and girls in their lives have been impacted by these forms of abuse and more men are feeling empowered to seek help and support when they themselves are victims.

Many men are looking for opportunities to do more. From calling out sexism, to challenging unhealthy forms of masculinity that normalize violence and aggression, to questioning how they can be a better partner, father, brother, men are realizing that they have a unique role and responsibility in helping to create safer communities that are free from interpersonal violence. While men may want to do more, many aren’t sure how to go about doing that.

WHAT: Cornerstone’s Men’s Council is looking to enlist men in taking action to end gender-based violence by creating opportunities for engagement, education and community outreach. The Council will meet regularly to create a forum for men to actively support Cornerstone’s mission and find new ways to involve greater numbers of men in prevention and awareness efforts.

WHO: Men from Hennepin County, as well as the greater Twin Cities metro area are encouraged to apply to become a member of the Council. We are looking for a caring and diverse group of men who are ready to utilize their unique skills, talents and influence to lead the way to social change.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: For more information, contact Tyler Osterhaus at Cornerstone at tylero@cornerstonemn.org or 952-884-0376 x522 or complete and return the Men’s Council Member Application.