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Youth Advocacy

Cornerstone’s Youth Advocacy and Support Services are designed to help children and youth who have experienced or witnessed violence at home, in school or within the community.

Youth Advocacy

We know that violence can leave lasting effects on children and youth. Cornerstone offers a safe environment for children and their families to increase their awareness about violence, express their emotions and learn healthy coping strategies.

Individual Support and Advocacy:
Youth Counselors are available to meet individually with children, youth and their families to learn more about how violence impacts their social, emotional, physical and behavioral health. During specialized individual and/or family sessions, children and youth are offered a safe environment to share their story. In addition, children and families will receive education about the different types of violence, learn coping skills and develop a safety plan.

Enrichment Activities:
Cornerstone offers experiential learning activities that allow children and youth to develop new skills and experience new opportunities. Children and youth are able to learn creative self-expression through activities like photography, music, drawing and dance. In addition, children and youth may participate in opportunities that allow them to give back to their communities through community service. In the summer, Cornerstone offers Camp Peacemaker, an experiential learning group that engages in multiple different activities to assist children to develop social-emotional skills. Camp Peacemaker is a 6 week program that meets once a week.

Children, ages 6 to 17, who have been impacted by domestic violence, sexual violence and/or human trafficking. See specific service description for age requirement.

How to Access:
Referrals accepted directly from family members, school staff or community providers. An intake needs to be completed with a youth counselor.

Call 952-884-0376 for more information or to schedule an intake appointment.