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Sexual Violence Services

Whether it is rape, stalking, sexual harassment or another form of sexual assault, this type of interpersonal violence has a tremendous impact on the lives of survivors.

Sexual Violence Services

Cornerstone’s sexual violence programming utilizes a trauma-informed and survivor-centered approach to working with individuals that have been impacted by sexual violence at any point in their lives. Cornerstone works with these individuals in the immediate aftermath of an assault through crisis support and individual advocacy. We also provide longer term services such as therapy and support groups to assist in the healing process.

Additionally, Cornerstone recognizes that domestic violence, sexual exploitation and sexual violence are quite often intertwined. Our housing programs, economic empowerment programs, children and family services and legal services continue to provide support at those intersections.

At Cornerstone, we have trained sexual assault advocates who can provide necessary support, education and resources to help a survivor recover and heal.

To help survivors explore options and support their individual path forward to healing and recovery.

Services include:

  • 24-hour crisis call center staffed by trained sexual assault advocates
  • Legal advocacy in order to assist with obtaining restraining orders, navigating the criminal justice system, and accessing legal representation if necessary
  • Individual support and counseling free of charge
  • Clinical Therapy for assistance with dealing with the trauma

Call 952-884-0376 to learn more about our services or to speak with an advocate.