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Cornerstone Announces New Branding

A note from Cornerstone’s Executive Director:

Late last year, Cornerstone embarked on an ambitious rebranding process in partnership with Union Park Marketing, who was engaged to lead this project. The goal was to move the Cornerstone brand to a new level, which would incorporate a redesign of our logo, website and collateral materials. Our objective, as defined by Cornerstone’s leadership and Board of Directors, was to create a brand that more effectively speaks to who Cornerstone is: an innovative agency serving those who have been impacted by domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking, as well as an agency that engages the community in ending interpersonal violence. We also wanted to allow for some autonomy of our statewide Day One® program, yet capture the critical relationship between the work of that program and Cornerstone.

On behalf of Cornerstone’s Board of Directors, I am thrilled to share the results of our efforts. We believe our new identity is strong and aligns with the descriptors that, since 1983, have become synonymous with Cornerstone: safe, responsive, respectful, trusting, warm, supportive, knowledgeable, comprehensive and accessible.


All aspects of the new logo are rooted in a Unique Value Proposition that sets Cornerstone apart. The full circle represents the whole person at peace, in balance and empowered. The symmetrical square symbolizes a cornerstone which surrounds the individual with trust, reliability and the support of community. The coloration, too, was selected with care. Blue represents honor, trust, reliability, depth and peace. Warm grey provides a sense of stability and calmness to the Cornerstone brand. Identical colors were selected for the Day One® brand, with its logo, a half circle, implying a rising sun and representing the survivor swiftly gaining courage and strength, reaching out to become whole. Again, the symmetrical square symbolizes a cornerstone which surrounds the survivor with support and warmth from all sides.

Over the next several months, Cornerstone and Day One® will be transitioning to this new brand. Future communications from us will integrate the new brand identification elements, including logo, font and colors.

It is an exciting and evolving time at Cornerstone. We are proud of our many accomplishments over the past year and look forward to continuing to meet the needs of families within our shared community. Thank you for your continued partnership.

Warm Regards,

Meg Schnabel
Executive Director