Minnesota Day One Crisis Hotline

For Youth

Violence at home or in your relationship is unhealthy not just for adults, but kids too.

It can be confusing and make you feel a range of emotions. You might be angry, sad, guilty, or scared. Remember, the violence is not your fault. You are not alone.

What We Offer

Cornerstone works with hundreds of teens each year to help them come to terms with the violence they’ve experienced or witnessed. We offer a variety of programs for youth:

  • Youth counseling
  • Support groups with other youth who’ve had similar experiences
  • Music therapy
  • School presentations and school-based advocacy
  • Activities that help you let your guard down and have some fun

Learn more about our programs for youth.

Get the Resources You’re Looking For

Relationships are complicated. You might have some questions about your situation:

“Is my relationship healthy?”
“What does abuse look like?”
“How can I talk to a friend who might be in trouble?”

You can visit our Resources for Youth page to read about healthy and unhealthy relationships, and learn how to get help for yourself or someone you know.

No one knows your situation better than you. If you feel like telling your story to someone you can trust, call Cornerstone’s 24-hour helpline today at 952-884-0330 or the Minnesota Day One Crisis Hotline number, 1-866-223-1111.