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How Can You Ask to Help?


Ask to Help is a call to action to start breaking the silence that surrounds domestic violence. It is a movement  about empowering you to broach the subject of domestic violence in your family, your workplace, your neighborhood, your school, your doctor’s office, your church, synagogue or mosque,  your community.

We must all Ask to Help.

We will support you along the way. You aren’t expected to have all the answers. We have resources to assist you in becoming more comfortable with the issue.


Ask to Help Facebook Page


Additional Resources:

NSW Department of Community Services
Booklet on How to Help Someone You Know

Hidden Hurt
Domestic Violence Information





Someone I know is being abused...

How Can I Help?


How to talk with victims of abuse,
what to say and what not to say:


How to Talk about Abuse


Guidelines for helping a loved one:

Guidelines for helping a loved one

Resources for teens:

Resources for Teens

Resources for professionals and helpful
advice on how to Ask to Help


Faith Communities






Do's and Don't's How to talk about abuse guidelines for helping a loved one Professionals Resources for Teens Faith Communities